Rungwa North Open Area

Camera, Editing, Film

2016 | documentaire| 19 minuten

This Documentary is about the natural environment of Rungwa North Open Area, Singida Region. It Tells the story of Animals, Rituals, Hunting and the benefits that people get from this area. This film is part of the Manyoni Ubunifu Project in which dutch film-students from the Netherlands taught the craftsmanship of filmmaking to district cultural officers in Manyoni. This was one of the results from their cooperation.

Written & Directed by
Bona Masenge
Stanslaus Kobero
Judith Schouten
Tom Polkamp

Stanslaus Kobero
Tom Polkamp

Judith Schouten
Bona Masenge
Stanslaus Kobero

Thanks To
Head of Primary Education Department:    Daud S. Malugu
Head of Land and Natural Resources Department:    Anslem Paulinus Chitanda Masumbuko
District Game Officer:    Rodney Elias Ngalamba
Ranger:    Anoldi Yotam Kaulagwa
Local:    Juma Alfani
Chief:    Lugonda Makimu Kilomo Nguluala
Driver:    Bernard Ngomoi Mzava

Filmed In
Rungwa North Open Area Mwamagembe

Presented By
Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU)

in Association With
Manyoni Ubunifu Project

Manyoni Ubunifu Project is a co-operation between Manyoni District Commission
and the Creative Design Research Group of the Utrecht School of the Arts,
led by prof. Jan Ijzermans November 2012

Special Thanks To

Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni, Bagamoyo (TaSUBa)

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Royal Netherlands Embassy
Monique Korelius
Ank Willems

District Cultural Officers
Bona Masenge
Stanslaus Kobero

District Commisioner
Fatma Hassan Toufiq

District Executive Director Manyoni District Council
Fortunata Malya

District Executive Director Bahi District Council
Frank Ernest

Manyoni District Council